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Friday  9am-2pm
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Saturday 10am-2pm
(by appointment only)
Samedi 10h-14h
(sur rendez-vous seulement)

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Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm
lundi à jeudi 9h-17h

Friday 9am-2pm
vendredi 9h-14h

Saturday 10am-2pm
(by appointment only)
samedi 10h-14h
(sur rendez-vous seulement)

ATTENTION:  Recently lost your Hearing Aid Care Provider?  Orléans Family Hearing Services is now accepting all new clients:  VAC, RCMP, WSIB, etc.  We  will honor all remaining warranties and do all  paperwork required for a smooth transition. Services in Français, English, Sign Language.

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                                                                                Orléans Family Hearing Services

                                                                                Services d'Audiologie familiale Orléans

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(613) 834-0220

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2451 Saint-Joseph Blvd
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Orléans, Ontario  K1C 1E9

tel: (613) 834-0220

Orléans Family Hearing Services
Services d'audiologie familiale Orléans

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